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Reversible Bag – Pink & Black Folkloric Paisley
This is definitely one of THEE cutest textiles on the line! How adorable is this pink and black folkloric pattern!? An oversized paisly is created out of thick black lines that are decorated allover with pink tulips, flowers and fronds and berries, in both light pink and dark pink. So cheery and fun! Just wearing this will brighten your day -- and whoever sees it! The fabric is a thick and durable weave topped by a rich pinkish weave. Two bags in one! Turn it inside out, and voila! An entirely different bag. The inside is a wonderful black and gold chenille faux patchwork. The abundance of gathers allow for this unstructured bag to really expand. I once put a pair of tennis shoes and jeans in mine! Your Reversible Bag comes with a detachable pocket that you can switch to either side of the bag to hold your cell phone, keys, etc. It clips and and off, attaching to a loop. Chrome Oring hardware, straps made of heavy duty neutral textile. This bag is built to last, and large enough for everything you could possibly need. Great for travel.

Dimensions: H16 (from O-rings to bottom of bag) x W17. Straps 11” from top of straps to top curve of bag.
includes tax and shipping in the US and Canada
(Overseas add $15)