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Reversible Bag – Gold Cut Velvet
This gorgeous gold velvet textile is quite modern, with its modular repeating shapes cut into the velvet. Very elegant and sophisticated, in a lovley golden hue. The dark grey ground shows through via the cut pattern. Soft to the touch, this is a formidable textile that was originally designed for furniture -- so it's really sturdy. Beauty and brawn! We love it. Topped by a vintage texile that was originally intended for office furniture! A repeating dot design, the little gold dots form a grid of geomatric patterns on black. Turn in inside out, and you have a blue bag that is a soft chenille textile in a wallpaper design topped by a quilted complimentary cornflower blue fabric. Love! The abundance of gathers allow for this unstructured bag to really expand. I once put a pair of tennis shoes and jeans in mine! Your Reversible Bag comes with a detachable pocket that you can switch to either side of the bag to hold your cell phone, keys, etc. It clips and and off, attaching to a loop. Chrome Oring hardware, straps made of heavy duty neutral textile. This bag is built to last, and large enough for everything you could possibly need. Great for travel.

Dimensions: H16 (from O-rings to bottom of bag) x W17. Straps 11” from top of straps to top curve of bag.
includes tax and shipping in the US and Canada
(Overseas add $15)