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Black Striped Ring Clutch with Blues
A classic southwest stripe in an easy-to-wear convertible clutch design. The ring element can be unsnapped and slipped over your wrist, for a wristlet! The fabric is to die for! We love the oodles of colors, like a beautiful sunset, gradating like a rainbow. Shown here in gorgeous blues and golds. We love that you can be hands free when need be. For example, hang it on the back of the bathroom door hook! or on the hook under the bar. Makes so much sense, doesn't it? Love! Metal top zipper closure, inside zipper pocket. Gorgeous antique gold metallic leather is used for the zipper pull and the elements that hold the ring to the bag. A great contrast adding a little sparkle. Love!

Dimensions: 6" high x 11" wide with a 1' T-botton gusset
includes tax and shipping in the US and Canada
(Overseas add $15)