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Fanny Pack - black
This fanny pack is very chic indeed! Designed here in leather and suede, and embellished with tiny eyelets around the perimter. Easy on and off, you just need to snap off the belt and voila! Wear it around your waist or throw it over your arm and wear it like a purse. The interior is lined in lush burgundy just for you! It also has an inside zipper pocket for your money. Great for travel, great for walking the dogs, pushing a stroller, or whatever other hands-free things you do -- like dancing! The suede & leather combination is gorgeous and lends the bag a bit of softness and style. The front of fanny pack is suede. The front pocket is leather, as is the entire back of the fanny pack and the straps. Adjustable strap fits all sizes XS to XL (up to 47"). Always made in the USA.
includes tax and shipping in the US and Canada
(Overseas add $15)