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Cast Rope Belt - Black Suede
This GORGEOUS black suede is combined with antique brass. A rich combination! We love black and gold together. The quality of this suede is very high, very dense and soft. We love the convertibility of this belt! You can wear it FOUR WAYS!: wear it with low-waisted jeans, wear it with high-waisted jeans, wear it on the outside as a hip belt over a tunic or sweater, and even as a waist belt! It's convertibe, which makes at GREAT for travel staple. The plethora of extra belt holes allows you to do this. Wear it with jeans, or wear it as a hip belt over a bulky sweater, dress or tunic. So versatile! Casual or dressy. The antique brass casting has a design details that looks like thin rope has been wound around and around, creating an interesting textural element. Backed in black leather, then sewn. Made with impeccable craftsmanship. Buckle closes with a collar stud for easy an and off. Adjustable. 1-7/8" leather width. Always made in the USA (note: models are wearing loden and navy. You are purchsing black suede here).
includes tax and shipping in the US and Canada
(Overseas add $15)