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Why are Kim White Handbags so special? Made from vintage automotive fabrics, Kim White uses dead stock never-used textiles intended for use in American automobiles: cars, trucks and vans. She fortuitously unearthed an entire warehouse of automotive fabric, which may be the last existing stock anywhere in the US, and she is the sole owner of these amazing textiles.

Each Kim White Handbag is tagged with the year and make of the fabric, so you know exactly what car your bag comes from (i.e. 1983 Camaro or a 1978 Ford Mustang). Kim White Handbags specializes in automotive fabrics from the 1970’s and 1980’s, when color was de rigueur in the automotive industry.

Since these textiles were originally intended for use in cars, they are incredibly durable. Perfect for handbags in style as well as function. Kim White Handbags, in keeping with the tradition of the American car industry, are sophisticated, beautiful and built to last. And just like American automobiles, they have a widespread appeal, from trendy teens to stylish grandmothers and every woman in between.

In addition to her collection of vintage automotive textiles, Kim has also unearthed some of the most gorgeous vintage florals from decades past. The wonderful vintage florals were originally intended for use in furniture from the 50s through the 70s. The detail in these textiles are beyond beautiful, and the craftsmanship harkens back to a time when the beauty was truly in the details. And of course, the durability lends itself perfectly to ladies handbags.

Most recently, belts have been added. Gorgeous high quality leathers and beautiful textiles are used, and all metal hardware has been specially cast uniquely for Kim White. Craftsmanship is key, and styles are designed to withstand temporal trends.

All proudly designed and hand made in the U.S.A.

Kim White lives and works in Highland Park, California.

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